Al-Edari For Accounting And Warehousing

Al-Edari for accounting and warehousing is one of the best and most special Arabic accounting programs by its first edition in 1988 which was built by MS-DOS system.

1- The programming language is DELPHI and the database is Nexus Database which known as fast, secure, and capacity of storage huge information from data…

AL-Edari For Pharmaceutical Companies And Pharmacies

The minimum and the maximum limit of any material, or company name that helps to control and monitor inventory balance.Possibility of entering a production date and expiration date with the possibility of entering more than one production date and validity for the same material….

Al-Edari For Factories And Workshops

Al-Edari has developed a manufacturing system to conform to the needs of factories and workshops whose production depends on the manufacturing phase or number of stages to manufacture one product or several products.
Al-Edari industrial also covers all the manufacturing stages from the definition of a contents model to the possibility of calculating waste and cost.
And about the most important features…

Al-Edari For Restaurants And Cafes:

Al-Edari is one of the most flexible programs in the management of restaurants and cafes, through the following advantages:

1- The ability to handle tables easily through the most flexible interface and that by opening an endless number of tables with the possibility of drawing a plan for tables locations in the restaurant…

Al-Edari P.O.S System:

Al-Edari is one of the most flexible programs in the management of POS, which contributes to the elimination of accounting errors, pricing errors, and delays to customers when requesting invoices through the following features:

1- Easy to sell as Al-Edari company developed the point of sales interface to become more flexible and easier to insert an endless number of sales receipts and returns during the day and merge them all into one sale and return invoice…

Al-Edari For Computer And Mobile Companies

Through the large presence of the program inside the computer and mobile market and to keep up with the development and modernization, the company was able to add a serial number system in the program, with the following features:

1- The serial number of each material can be monitored separately.

2- The possibility of direct sale of each serial number…

Al-Edari For Distribution System

Al-Edari company has developed the program to cover the requirements of the distribution companies in all details through the expanded and effective options including:

1- Possibility to open a private ledger for each distributor to link his sales account with his billing sequence.

2- The reports of collection ratios and customers’ balances for each distributor, and the most dealing customers…

Al-Edari For Clothes And Shoes Factories:

The system of measurements and colors has been created in a special and developed way by the following features:

1- Adding the horizontal invoice option to make it easier to create a purchase or sale invoice with measurements and colors.

2- Models can be monitored in an overall and detailed…

Al-Edari For Accounting In Construction Companies

Al-Edari company has developed a cost center system to give the user more ease and flexibility through the following features:
1- The ability to control cost centers in all the program interfaces, and link it to general…