Al-Edari is one of the most flexible programs in the management of restaurants and cafes, through the following advantages:

1- The ability to handle tables easily through the most flexible interface and that by opening an endless number of tables with the possibility of drawing a plan for tables locations in the restaurant.

2- Access the orders screen and control the inputs of table orders easily with the possibility of switching tables, merging several tables, and move items from table to another one

.3- Dealing with all printers flexibly including kitchen and other sections printers, as the program lets you split the order when printed by a group. And the ability to print the entire order on a centralized printer

.4- Possibility of recording special notes for a particular material with the ability to save and print it as per customer’s desire and when needed.

5- The ability to use the Android system by the captain to take orders faster which saves a lot of time and effort in submitting the order to the kitchen and the captain can review meal pictures.

6- The program is characterized by the immediate linking of the restaurant system with the accounting and manufacturing system without the need for import and export of data.

7-  The possibility of paying either in cash or on a specific account or the entire table can be converted to hospitality.