accounting system:

Al-Edari company has developed the program to cover the requirements of the distribution companies in all details through the expanded and effective options including:

1- Possibility to open a private ledger for each distributor to link his sales account with his billing sequence.

2- The reports of collection ratios and customers’ balances for each distributor, and the most dealing customers.

3- Analytical reports of sales by region, distributor, profitability and collection.

4- Profitability reports achieved by each distributor of certain materials, specific customers or regions.

5- Automatic calculation of the commission of each distributor at the level of the quantity sold or the value sold.

6- Ability to add scheduled reports for distributors’ collections.

7- The possibility of invoices counts of each distributor in aggregate or in detail.

8- Link customers’ accounts with distributors to get reports of the distributor’s debts on the market, and the number of invoices sold to each customer.

9-  The ability to work with the cash-van system by linking a distributor’s sales account with its own fund and warehouse within the billing book