Al-Edari is one of the most flexible programs in the management of POS, which contributes to the elimination of accounting errors, pricing errors, and delays to customers when requesting invoices through the following features:

1- Easy to sell as Al-Edari company developed the point of sales interface to become more flexible and easier to insert an endless number of sales receipts and returns during the day and merge them all into one sale and return invoice.

2- Possibility of inserting sold materials either by barcode, manual code, or the name with the possibility of putting groups on the screen of sales to find the material faster.

3- Possibility of adding more than one barcode to a single material when there is more than a color, smell, or special sign of the same material (the user not required to insert the material more than once)

.4- Dealing with printers flexibly, the program provides a ready-to-print design or the user can add a special design

.5- The program is characterized by an instant link between the POS and the accounting program without the need for import and export of data.

6- The most accurate and fastest way to hold the cashier employee accountable with one button and without stopping the employee’s work.

7- Extract sales inventories for each department, sector, or user at any time.

8- An easy way to sell products within offers and with the calculation of bonuses and gifts.

9- Knowing the stock of material at all points in order to meet the customer’s request and direct it to the appropriate branch.

10- The possibility of dealing directly with credit cards and linking them to the accounting department and posting directly to the bank account.