Al-Edari has developed a manufacturing system to conform to the needs of factories and workshops whose production depends on the manufacturing phase or number of stages to manufacture one product or several products.Al-Edari industrial also covers all the manufacturing stages from the definition of a contents model to the possibility of calculating waste and cost.And about the most important features that exist in Al-Edari industrial:

1- A special interface containing tables to identify the quantities of raw materials required to manufacture the finished product. With the possibility of adding direct and indirect production expenses.

2- Automatically generate input and output invoices and entries at every manufacturing process to control the accounting department.

3- The “Automated manufacturing” feature, which contains more than one manufacturing strategy, includes “inventory repair of finished goods with manufacturing models to zero (i.e. the sold is manufactured) – Quantity to be manufactured (quantity actually produced) …etc.

4- The possibility of manufacturing more than one finished good within the manufacturing invoice and distributing the cost of raw materials and expenses according to the percentage of each finished goods.

5- Possibility to know the materials needed to manufacture a specific product by entering the product name and quantity to be manufactured to obtain a report of the deficiencies of the quantities of raw materials currently in the warehouse

.6- Ability to know the quantity of finished goods from the quantity of raw materials available in the current warehouse.

7- Control of accounts and warehouses that will be automatically approved during manufacturing operations.