Edari Soft Company had developed the “Al-Edari For Accounting and Warehouses” system. Since its establishment in 1988, according to the requirements of commercial, industrial, service and other companies in accordance with the academic accounting principles. Even became an example of ease and comprehensiveness and We had developed many special features of some business systems such as “serial number system (SN) For companies, mobile and electronics companies, EXP system for food companies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, COST system for construction companies, Rest system, POS system.

Our Vision

We look forward to being the first choice in the field of accounting software and services as well as excellence in providing accounting solutions to the largest companies and factories in the rapidly growing Arab market. To achieve this, we have taken into consideration the local and international financial constants and we have programmed powerful databases and performance of our programs. We look forward to our services through the after-sales services, the quick technical support, our constant support for our programs and the provision of maintenance and development contracts to our clients in proportion to the size of their work. Over the decades, we have covered all areas of business in the Arab markets such as malls, restaurants, construction, manufacturing, retail, training, financial services and schools.

Our Team

Our experienced team works together to provide an easy platform for our customers to reach their accounts in their target markets. Our experienced team provides all our accounting services from registration, marketing, sales and distribution. Our well-trained team will lead you directly to your goal. To serve customers by understanding the requirements and developing the best plan under the supervision of experts in this field

After Sale Services

One of the Services that we are proud to provide is After sales and training services, we provide a technical support for the client and helps to establish the accounting system of the company to reach the stage of financial stability.