pharmaciesAl-Edari company has developed the program to meet the needs ofpharmaceutical companies and pharmacies
with the following features:

1- The minimum and the maximum limit of any material, or company name that helps to control and monitor inventory balance.

2- Possibility of entering a production date and expiration date with the possibility of entering more than one production date and validity for the same material.

3- Possibility to give alerts for expiry date before a certain period and special reports for expired items and compare them with warehouse inventory.

4- Possibility of entering the patch number for materials to help the user to know the movement of the specific patch with the option to show a patch profit at any time

5-.Possibility of immediate inventory at the level of a particular material, group of materials, particular company, or all materials.

6- Reports on stagnant, or best-selling items, by quantity, amount, or ratio.

7- Special reports to monitor debts aging, collection ratios, customers and suppliers’ balances, and price comparison of invoices with a certain sale price or cost price.

8- Statistical reports on how many invoices related to each customer, on the level of each salesman or each primary account.

10- The program supports different POS devices as well as billing printers, customer’s screen, and cashier’s drawer.

11-The backup is automatic and periodic with the possibility of saving a special path to the backup as desired by the user, in addition to the possibility of manual backing-up by the user.

12- The ability to link each sales invoice with the system of dropping bills and paying the invoice by installments payments methodAlert the user about due customers invoices for collection.