Al-Edari for accounting and warehousing is one of the best and most special Arabic accounting programs by its first edition in 1988 which was built by MS-DOS system. Following some of the technical features which included in

1- Al-Edari for accounting and warehousing program:The programming language is DELPHI and the database is Nexus Database which known as fast, secure, and capacity of storage huge information from data.Program interfaces designed to enable the user flexibility, and high comfortability in using the program, in addition to increasing the productivity of users by enabling access to program sections with control more than one window at the same time.

2- The program is designed to work within local networks and Internet networks quickly and securely, with possibility of multiple users and building permissions system for all sections of the program, so that it can allow or block permissions, or reviewing any report in an easy and simplified way to suit the user’s accounting and technical capabilities.

3- Import data from Excel software with the possibility to export all reports to multiple formats like PDF, XLS, Word, and HTML.Many branches of the company can be linked online via the internet with the availability of a central server or by BCLOUD Service which provided by (IT TAILORS CANADA) company.

4- The backup is automatic and periodic with the possibility of saving a special path to the backup as desired by the user, in addition to the possibility of manual backing up by the user.

5- The program supports reading barcodes with the feature of “printing, designing, and linking it with materials, invoices, and current inventory”.

6- A complete help file and user guide is available with the program, which includes a detailed explanation of all program sections and parts.