Al-Edari company has developed a cost center system to give the user more ease and flexibility through the following features:

1- The ability to control cost centers in all the program interfaces, and link it to general accounting and warehouses. And separation the expense, revenue and profitability of each contractor independently of other contracting.

2- The use of cost centers is accurate and very easy, and achieve the distribution of expenses on projects according to the share of each project.Know and control the implementation statements by its stages.

3- Accounting of sub-workshops based on daily, execution or contracting.Control the movement of receipt and disbursement of materials used in the execution of projects.

4- Monitor changes in the prices of raw materials used in the implementation of projects.Separating the profitability of each project from the other project and obtaining details of the materials and expenses paid for each project for the purpose of analysing the work done.

5- The possibility of controlling the accounts of the outside contractors and inputting their extracts to obtain the net results of their work.

6- Possibility of using program billing patterns to get sequential movement in entries and generate entries automatically.

7- With the possibility of changing terms of the program to suit the terminology used in contracting companies such as supplying materials, and contractor’s extract…etc.